Monday, August 13, 2012

What Afghan Girls Risk By Attending School

Seven small villages make up Deh'Subz, where the first all-girls school is located. Though Deh'Subz is not Taliban-controlled, the adminstrators still have trouble keeping the school safely open and away from the inhumane treatment of young girls.

Here, the 14 room Zabuli Education Center teaches kindergarten through eighth grade. This is where 354 girls go to receive a free education, and learn subjects including math, language and science.

However, the price fora free education is significantly high, as these young girls risk poisonous water given to them and acid thrown in their face. The Principle noted that on the first day of school, terrorists threw hand gernades into the school which killed 100 girls. Now, to ensure safety, guards are inside and outside the school. These individuals test the water everyday.

"It is heartbreaking to see the way these terrorists treat ... women," said Founder Razia Jan, 68. "In their eyes, a women is an object that they can control. They are scared that when these girls get an education, they will become aware of their rights as women and as a human being."

The school opened in 2008. Jan said that 12-year-olds would show up on the first day not knowing how to write their own name.

Jan recalls one such visit from a group of men who busted the doors of the school one day to say:  'This is your last chance ... to change this school into a boys' school, because the backbone of Afghanistan is our boys,' " Jan recalled. "I just turned around and I told them, 'Excuse me. The women are the eyesight of Afghanistan, and unfortunately you all are blind. And I really want to give you some sight.' "

Inhumane treatment of women is a global concern. This is much more than men on a power trip treating women as if they are objects. Why are women being opressed to the point that they cannot be escorted outside without a male; or drive; or voice an opinion? Why are the men so afraid of what they can learn from women? Shouldn't we be more globalized and concerned with helping one another to build peace and achieve greatness?

The world is a global example that freedom is never free.

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