Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CMS 16

Next month, The University of Chicago Press is coming out with the 16th edition of its famed (and infamous) Chicago Manual of Style. The 15th edition is a common site on the desktops of many a production editor. Kumarian has been using the guide as its house style for years, so I’ve grown familiar with its innards. It seems intimidating at first glance – the section headers, the tangled citation rules – but it’s proven a comforting authority on many occasions. There are, of course, too many rules to memorize. When an author comes to me with a question about formatting, I usually reach for the orange behemoth and flip through its pages to find the satisfying, solid answer. For word people, who tend to dwell in ambiguity and intuition, the reference provides a helpful frame to stick everything in. Here’s a list of changes to the new edition.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cash Transfers in the Boston Globe

New book Just Give Money to the Poor gets a nod in Sunday's Boston Globe:

"We’re arguing, basically, that poor people are poor because they don’t have money. It’s not that they’re stupid or need education. They actually know what to do with the money,” says Joseph Hanlon, a development expert at England’s Open University and coauthor of a new book on cash transfers entitled “Just Give Money to the Poor.” “You can’t pull yourself up by your bootstraps if you don’t have boots, and cash transfers are providing boots.”

Read more here.

Projeto Seringueiro and Grassroots Education

We've just uploaded a new video featuring Denis Heyck, author of Schools of the Forest. She talks about why she decided to write a book about the rubber tappers of Acre, Brazil and the activities of their empowering grassroots educational program, Projeto Seringueiro.