Monday, August 27, 2012

Hurricane Isaac Kills 10 In-and-Around Haiti As It Continues to Move Into the U.S.

Since the storm reached the Caribbean on Saturday, at least eight Haitians have been killed and another two in the Dominican Republic.

Although the scale of impact from the storm was less than anticipated, many Haitians still dug themselves out of the mud with buckets - rising to the waist of an adult male. The island itself sufferred flooding, fallen poles and collapsed tents - where more than 400,000 residents still live in since the 2010 7.0 magnitude earthquake (See Kumarian Press's Tectonic Shifts to learn more about the conditions of Haiti since the earthquake). Dozens of homes were destroyed and over 269 homes damaged.

Those that died included a 51-year-old and a 10-year old. Most left dead due to flooding.

In Haiti, more than 14,000 people evacuated their homes and temporary tents over the weekend. The World Food Program had issued out two days worth of food to over 8300 individuals.

More information about this story can be found through CNN.

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