Monday, August 20, 2012

Pakistani Girl, 11, Held in Prison on Blasphemy Charges

An 11-year-old girl in Pakistan, named Ramsha, has been arrested on charges of blasphemy, as witnesses noted that she had burned pages of the Mulslim holy text. She used the pages as fuel for cooking. The girl has medical complications including down-syndrome. She stated that she had no idea pages of the Quran were used in the fire.

"Niazi said that 150 people had gathered on Friday where the neighborhood's Christian population lived and threatened to burn down their houses." (CNN Story: Girl held on Pakistan blasphemy charge)

The mob of angry protested wanted to burn the girl to teach her a lesson. Christians in the area fled their homes to aviod backlash. (See KP's Living Our Religions to get a sense of what minority religious followers deal with in other countries)

In Pakistan, it is a crime to insult the Quran, Islam or the Prophet Mohammed and is punishable by death.

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