Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New KP Release: The Essentials of Economic Sustainability By John Ikerd

This is an exciting week for Kumarian Press as we welcome a new book into our family entitled The Essentials of Economic Sustainability by John Ikerd. Ikerd has written for KP in the past, with his first book Sustainble Capitalism.

In his new book, Ikerd addresses the basic principles and concepts essential to economic sustainability. Some of these concepts are capitalist, some are socialistic, and others are general principles validated by philosophy or common sense. What results is a synthesis: something that is neither capitalist nor socialist but fundamentally different; it is sustainable.

Readers of any political and ideological persuasion will find this brief book engaging, informative, optimistic and refreshing.

About the author:

John Ikerd spent the first half of his thirty-year academic career as a traditional free-market, neoclassical economist. He served on the faculties of four major state universities during his career: North Carolina State University, Oklahoma State University, the University of Georgia, and the University of Missouri. Growing concerns for the lack of ecological, social, and economic sustainability of American agriculture during the 1980s led to broader concerns for the lack of sustainability for American society in general. As an economist, Dr. Ikerd eventually came to understand that growing threats to ecological and social sustainability are rooted in the neoclassical paradigm of economic development, which is inherently extractive and exploitative, and thus, is not sustainable. Dr. Ikerd spent the last half of his academic career and much of his time since retirement developing and testing the concepts and principles of an alternative development paradigm, the economics of sustainability, which are elucidated in this book.     

If interested in receiving a review copy of either title, please contact Marketing Associate Jennifer Kern at: Jennifer@styluspub.com.

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