Monday, May 7, 2012

Floods Move in on Afghanistan and Nepal

Just two days after Nepal was hit by an unexpected flood, a flash flood in Afghanistan left many pleading for help after homes and lives unraveled.

Going back to last Saturday in Nepal, at least eight bodies were found and pronounced dead near Pokhara, and at least three Ukrainians were among the many still missing. The flood was believed to have been triggered by an avalanche in the mountains or a glacial lake outburst.

Today in Afghanistan, at least 26 are confirmed dead from a flood that hit after more than eight hours of heavy rainfall since Sunday with more than 100 persons still missing. Several districts were hit by the flood, and a search team is in effect.

The need for aid has been called on by both regions urgining people around to help in the rescue efforts and food relief. Mark Schuller, Pablo Morales and contributors discuss the importance of aid in Tectonic Shifts: Haiti Since the Earthquake. This book shows how a poor country with onset problems has responded to the "help" from aid workers, as well as to the government's response after the 2010 earthquake. (The findings are appalling and will inspire you to do more.)

So, what happens when natural disasters hit in areas that have had ongoing economic, political and social problems long before the floods? Kumarian Press author Jennifer Hyndman attemps to answer this question through case studies on natural disasters including the 2004 tsunami in her book Dual Disasters.

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