Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Social Work Title By Kumarian Press to Be Released This Month

Kumarian Press is set to release another new title this month entitled Orphan Care: A Comparitive View by Jo Bailey.

In Orphan Care, Jo Bailey and her contributors argue that efforts to help orphans have been marred by over-reliance on models and practices originating in the developed countries of the Global North. Bailey’s collection is unique in that the contributors to the book are from Botswana, Brazil, China, Russia, Thailand, and Zimbabwe. The collection provides an “insider” on the ground perspective on orphan care in these respective countries. Each chapter covers the country’s history and background of policy and services to orphans, the dominant reasons children are brought into care; and the prevailing forms of current orphan services.

The book retails for $27.50, and is readily  available for purchasing through Kumarian Press.

Author Jo Bailey is Associate Professor in the Department of Social Sciences at the University of Houston-Downtown.     

The book is a valuable guide and reference for social workers, NGO leaders, and policy-makers. The book is also recommended for courses on comparative sociology, the sociology of developing countries, and the cultural influences on social work practice.    


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