Monday, April 9, 2012

This is Why Canada is On Top: About CAN Readers

In an era where we have more options than efficient time, Candians are using their daylight wisely by reading. Statistics show that the reading behaviors of Canadians are much better than Americans. Unlike Americans, Canadians are not dropping books over play time on the Internet, or watching television. For example, in 2005, it is estimated that the average Canadian book buyers purchases 12 books per year.

Here are some brief statistics on readership in Canada as it relates to the U.S, courtesy of Canadian Heritage:
  • Eighty-five percent indicated that “reading is very important to me” (PCH).
  • The PCH study found that Canadians deem the four following sources the most important for finding out about books: recommendations from friends (40% “often helps”), gifts (24%), book reviews (23%), advertisements (19%).
  • Canadians' reading rate remained virtually constant over the past two decades, while Americans' declined.Where 87% of Canadians read a book in a 12-month time frame, 57% of Americans had.Where 79% of Canadians read literary materials in a 12-month time frame, 47% of Americans had.Where one-half of Canadians read virtually every day, almost half of Americans read an average of less than one book per year.

So, what's the story, U.S. readers? Why are Americans not spending more time reading books and less time browsing the Internet? To add some spice to our conversation, did you know that Canadians prefer a physical book copy rather than an e-book? In stark contrast, studies show that Americans read the daily news on their computer, but are not quick to pick up a book. Americans also choose to read from their personal computer before using their ebook reader. However, 41% would rather use their ebook reader, as it is portably convenient, rather than their phone (29%) or tablet (23%).

Yes, it's true that e-book readership is on the rise, and Kumarian Press is rolling in with our own collection of ebooks, without giving up our paperbacks (which are great for sharing with others!).Check out our collection of ebooks by Kumarian Press and be a part of the 88% of Americans who read both physical copies and ebooks.

To me, it doesn't matter how you read, what you read, or why you read, JUST READ!

*Additional statistics brought to you by Mashable Business - April 6, 2012's article "Americans Reading More Ebooks on Computers Than Ereaders, Phones [STUDY]"

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