Friday, January 6, 2012

U.S DOD Assists Haiti Earthquake Aftermath Response

This week, Haiti's Department of Civil Protection network received equipment from the U.S. Department of Defense for the use of disaster-response efforts. During the event, the U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) received recognition and praise for their relief assistance in Haiti, and shows our strong ties and ongoing support of and with the country.

"In a ceremony held at the Directorate of Civil Protection in Haiti (DPC) in Port Au Prince , U.S. Ambassador to Haiti , Kenneth Merten , signed over the equipment to Haiti 's Minister of the Interior, Defense and the Collectivities Thierry Mayard-Paul, in support of Haiti 's Civil Protection network and ongoing disaster preparedness." (Yahoo Finance: U.S. Department of Defense Helps Bolster Haiti's Disaster Response)

The equipment given ranged from vehicles including SUVs, trucks, boats and canoes to tents and radios.

This gesture came only two weeks before the two-year anniversary of Haiti's devastating earthquake, that left the Capital in rubble and tore families apart.

"Haiti is in a geographic location that is vulnerable to the variances of nature, including hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes," said Mayard-Paul. "Our efforts to put this country back on course and to achieve our goals for sustainable economic development are also susceptible to these natural disasters. Therefore, the valuable contributions of our U.S. friends will help substantially in strengthening our disaster mitigation efforts while we continue to serve our individual communities through job creation and economic growth."

To learn more about Haiti's Earthquake aftermath, read Tectonic Shifts, a new January 2012 release by Kumarian Press. The book discusses Haiti since the Earthquake and provides insight into the lives of the people of Haiti today.

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