Monday, December 12, 2011

The Cat Belonged to Which Witch in Witching Country?

With the lack of government funding, political upheavals, social changes, innovations in technology and a worldwide fight against terrorism, the 21st Century looks self-reliant, belligerent and down-right awkward. So, how are we supposed to deal with the tides of the 21st Century?

To survive and succeed in this environment, individuals must understand the driving forces of globalization and the trends that are likely to shape our future. Employing an accessible "connect-the-dots" metaphor, Kumarian Press publication, Coming of Age in a Globalized World pulls together the threads that link humanity.

Our Modern Age may seem bleak to some, but it must be better than the past, with technology, democracy and civilization. Sure, we have to deal with change, both good and bad, but change inspires progression. And, we are working on building peace with our international comrades. Don't believe me that we have it better than our relatives in the past? Read on.

During routine maintenance on a reservoir today, engineers uncovered an artifact from one of Britain's most-famous witch trials in Pendle Hill in Lancashire, England. But, unlike a sterling-silver fork, or glimmering sapphire, a once-feline friend was found hidden in the walls of the old-age withc trial cottage.

The cottage is known for housing trials in the 1600s for 10 women and 2 men suspected of using witchcraft to murder.

"It is thought the unfortunate feline may have been buried alive by the cottage's superstitious inhabitants, in an attempt to protect them from evil spirits." (Read more at CNN - Mummified cat walled up in 17th century 'witch's cottage'

How do you feel now? And, we thought we had it rough.

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